Committed to corporate responsibility and transparency


Our strategy consists in surpassing the expectations of our stakeholders (employees, clients, share-holders, partners, suppliers, company and the state, regional and local government), and fulfil their expectations. Our ethical code is the basis enabling us to be up to our unchanging aim, which is the generation of permanent and quality employment.


Constantly striving to fulfil our values of experience, trust and commitment towards all our interest groups, Corporate Social Responsibility is an essential part of management in all the areas and actions of our company, at the economic, social and environmental levels.

Legal Responsibility

We strictly comply with the current legal rules and regulations, and their responsible gambling policy, in order to provide a safe framework for all our users and promote other, healthier gambling practices.


True to our strategic plan, sports is our safe bet. We encourage physical exercise and healthy habits for our employees and the local community through the organisation of sport events, and its promotion and sponsorship.